Addendum Essential terms you should know.

Addendum A Term You Need to Know

An addendum is a supplement or amendment added to a document to correct, update, or provide additional information. An addendum can be added to a variety of documents, including contracts, agreements, legal documents, and reports, and is often used to modify or clarify the original document.

An addendum typically includes the date of the amendment, the name of the person making the amendment, and a description of the changes or additions being made. The addendum should be clearly marked and dated, and should be signed by the person making the amendment to ensure that the changes are acknowledged and legally binding.

The use of addendums can be a helpful tool for keeping documents up-to-date and accurate, and for addressing changes or updates that may occur after the original document has been executed. It is important to carefully review the original document and the addendum to ensure that the changes are consistent and in accordance with the original agreement.

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