Interpolate Essential terms you should know.

Interpolate A Term You Need to Know

Interpolate is a statistical term that refers to the process of estimating a value within the range of known data based on a mathematical model or pattern. It involves finding the value of a variable for a given input value, using the data that is already available. The process of interpolation involves using the available data points to create a smooth curve or function that fits the data, and then using that curve or function to estimate the value of the variable at any given input value. Interpolation is commonly used in a variety of fields, including engineering, finance, and computer graphics, to estimate missing data or to create a smooth representation of data that has been sampled or otherwise acquired at irregular intervals. Unlike extrapolation, interpolation is considered a relatively reliable method of estimating values within the range of known data, as it is based on the actual data rather than on assumptions about future trends or relationships.

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