Radar Chart Essential terms you should know.

Radar Chart A Term You Need to Know

A radar graph (also known as a radar chart, spider chart, or polar chart) is a type of data visualization that represents data using a series of axes that are arranged radially around a central point. It is used to compare and analyze data across multiple variables or dimensions.

In a radar graph, each axis represents a variable or dimension of the data, and the data points are plotted along each axis in proportion to their value. The axes are arranged radially around a central point, and the data points are connected by a line to form a polygon.

Radar graphs are useful for comparing and analyzing data across multiple variables or dimensions, as they provide a visual representation of how each variable contributes to the overall picture. They are also useful for identifying patterns and relationships between variables, as well as for highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

Radar graphs can be presented in a variety of styles, including filled radar graphs, which use shading to fill in the area within the polygon, and multi-radar graphs, which show multiple data sets on a single graph.

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